Bath Belt

Flexible, durable and strong Bath Belts for ensuring to keep the skin of the back clean and clear. 

Flex Tape

High-quality Flex Tapes are available with excellent adhesion features to provide maximum performance. 

Handy Heater

These durable, energy-saving and affordable Handy Heaters are sure to keep the spaces warm easily.

Jet Water Cannon

These durable Jet Water Cannons are designed with high-grade nozzles and knobs for ensuring efficient washing of the cars, driveways, etc.  

Mini Straightener

These high-quality Mini Straighteners are designed to straighten hair easily and swiftly without harming their quality.    

Silicone Gloves

These Silicone Gloves are available with soft and thick bristles for providing efficient cleaning of the utensils, etc.  

Master Lamps

Beautifully designed Master Lamps are available for lighting up the spaces with colorful and bright lights. 

Facial Massager
Investing in a facial massager will make your skin feel and look better on the inside as well as the outside. A face massager may elevate your cheekbone shapes by using the proper motions to empty your lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, and increase blood flow.

"We are accepting bulk order quantity only." 
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