Bath Belt

Flexible, durable and strong Bath Belts for ensuring to keep the skin of the back clean and clear. 

Flex Tape

High-quality Flex Tapes are available with excellent adhesion features to provide maximum performance. 

Handy Heater

These durable, energy-saving and affordable Handy Heaters are sure to keep the spaces warm easily.

Jet Water Cannon

These durable Jet Water Cannons are designed with high-grade nozzles and knobs for ensuring efficient washing of the cars, driveways, etc.  

Kitchen Appliances

These hard-wearing, attractive and energy-saving Kitchen Appliances are sure to make the processes of the cutting, chopping, boiling, grinding, etc. easy and swift. 

Mini Straightener

These high-quality Mini Straighteners are designed to straighten hair easily and swiftly without harming their quality.    

Silicone Gloves

These Silicone Gloves are available with soft and thick bristles for providing efficient cleaning of the utensils, etc.  

Master Lamps

Beautifully designed Master Lamps are available for lighting up the spaces with colorful and bright lights. 

Temperature Bottle

The Temperature Bottle is a multifunctional and creative container made to keep beverages at the right temperature. This excellent bottle was created with accuracy and usefulness in mind and comes with cutting-edge insulation technology that keeps beverages hot or cold for a long time.

Writing Pad

The Writing Pad is a crucial tool for everyone who wants to conveniently and easily write down their thoughts, ideas, or notes. This pad's smooth writing surface and use of premium materials improve the writing experience as a whole.  It guarantees that you have enough room to express yourself.

Fancy Umbrella

Our Fancy Umbrellas are the ideal travel companion, whether you're going to a formal event, going to the office, or just doing errands. They are stylish accessories that uplift your style and leave a lasting impression, not merely useful items to keep you dry.

Facial Massager
Investing in a facial massager will make your skin feel and look better on the inside as well as the outside. A face massager may elevate your cheekbone shapes by using the proper motions to empty your lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, and increase blood flow.

Hose Pipe

Our hose pipes are built to last and perform well, so they can tolerate frequent usage and deliver effective water flow. We provide a broad choice of sizes and lengths to fit any project, from tiny and lightweight solutions for small gardens or balconies to heavy-duty hoses for larger outdoor settings.



Preschool Learning Magic Book Set

The Preschool Learning Magic Book Set is a magical collection created to enthrall young minds and promote a love of learning. This wonderful set is designed especially for toddlers with the goal of stimulating their creativity and fostering critical abilities for their early growth.

Laptop Stand

Are you looking for the ideal way to boost your laptop productivity? Check out our fantastic selection of laptop stands. Our stands are a need for workers, students, and anybody who spends a lot of time using a laptop. They are made to offer comfort, convenience, and ideal viewing angles.

Sweat Shaper

The Sweat Shaper is not only fashionable but also quite successful in increasing perspiration and evaporating water weight. Their goods are designed to speed up sweat production during cardio, strength training, or even yoga, assisting you in bodily detoxification and shedding those unwanted pounds.

Mens Slimming Shirt

Our Mens Slimming Shirts are made from premium, breathable materials that are both comfortable and form-fitting. The sleek shape created by the fitted design and thoughtful stitching helps to hide any problem areas and emphasize you're natural contours.

Wireless Water Dispenser

Our wireless water dispensers have roomy water tanks that minimize the need for refills and are designed for convenience. You can readily check the water level in the clear water reservoir, guaranteeing that you never run out suddenly. The dispensers are also simple to maintain and clean.

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